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Computational and physical simulators of the complete human and non-human primate cerebrospinal fluid system.

Our flagship product, Neurochi™ Systems, is the world’s first comprehensive cerebrospinal fluid system simulator.

Created for research.


  • High-resolution anatomically detailed 3D cerebrospinal fluid system geometry based on humans and non-human primates
  • Detailed cortical and spinal subarachnoid spaces
  • Comprehensive integration of ventricular and intracranial cisterns
  • Integration of realistic cardiac- and respiratory-related cerebrospinal fluid oscillations within the ventricles, aqueduct of Sylvius, and around the brain
  • Anatomically realistic spinal cord nerve roots with accurate number of nerve rootlets, radicular line, descending angle and filum terminale.
  • Can be used to simulate and analyze ventricular, cisterna magna, lumbar puncture, and cortical drug injections
  • MRI / PET / SPECT / CT compatibility allows testing and optimization of imaging protocols

Virtual and physical models of the cerebrospinal fluid system.

Our flagship product, Neurochi™ CSF, is the world’s first VR platform with high-resolution representation of the complete cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) system including cortical and spinal subarachnoid spaces and detailed ventricles, foramen and cisterns of the intracranial space.

Created for teaching and research.

Unprecedented geometric detail and realistic surface rendering allows 1st person “endoscopic” view alongside concurrent MR-image slice representation and 3D positioning within the 3D model.

The anatomically realistic model includes detailed in vivo measurements of CSF dynamics throughout the model.

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